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One on one with Grandma

Grandma and baby James are getting to know each other quite well.

Very soon they will get to spend much more time as daddy will go back to work and grandma will be supporting mammy during the day.

Cold scale

Like most babies, baby James does not like cold surfaces and screamed like hell when we weighed him at the hospital.

He was 3.660 kg then and had apparently lost a little weight since the birth (normal for newborns). He weighed about 3.8 kg at birth.

You will be glad to know that he is eating well (thanks to mammy's dedication at breast feeding) and he is putting on weight already.

Deep in thought

Cute little James is wondering what the hell just happened to him: Welcome to the big bad world boy!

Hot off the press

You can still see the marks from the forceps on his left cheek. He was all red and cried nearly immediately. The marks are now all gone!

Cute James in bright yellow and pink

I am not to blame for the choice of colour. This was picked by popor.

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