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Image of our family eating French fries and roasted chicken at the fair

For lunch we went with my family to eat French fries and roasted chicken.

It is a classic at the fair. The fries are prepared by the restaurant from real potatoes (not that frozen stuff) and were excellent as was the chicken.

Simple and delicious.

Image of James on the bus at the fair ground

After the crash at the fishing duck attraction, James was recovering quickly going round and round on the bus. He went on it 3 times if remember well and enjoyed each turn.

We went with Pascal (my brother) and is wife Anne who kindly put us up for a few days while we were on our ways to my parents.

Want to play with ducky


Just processed a few images from our latest trip in France where we went to see my parents, brother's and sister's family.

James here got stuck to the Ducky stand. He would not move any more. Regretfully we wanted to go somewhere else and I eventually had to physically airlift him out crying and angry.

PS1: I will upload a few more photos from the fair during the week, too late now.

PS2: sadly I've hit a problem with the Image GD engine runs into errors. I have to manually resize the image.


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