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James discovering the internet

We have shown little James his picture on the Internet on Hazel's laptop. James was curious and seemed intrigued by the picture and the laptop.

Big tummy kiss
Big tummy kiss
Big tummy kiss

Baby James does not really care much at all whether I kiss his little tummy but I find it very funny. No response :-( from baby.

The look of a cool dude
The look of a cool dude

Baby James is starting to have good eye traction. Not sure what he is looking at but he is clearly trying hard.

We noticed that he likes looking at bright patch of lights on the walls.

James is playing in the gym

We got baby James a little baby gym. He is starting to interact and tried to grab or hit the toys.

His motion and control are not so good yet. He can hold on to a finger though. He has good strength.

James is having a little feet massage
James is having a little feet massage

Grandma gave baby James a little foot massage using olive oil because he has some dry skin on his little feet.

James didn't say a word during the massage and appeared to enjoy it very much.

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