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Burying the placenta - Step two

In step two you will exercise a little bit by digging a nice little hole in the ground to fit the root of the plant and the placenta underneath it. Make sure to get it right you don't want to have to go back and dig out the placenta!

Burying the placenta - Step one

In step one you are going to collect all the goods, so you need:
- one fresh placenta,
- a little tree or bush,
- at least a spade.

Optionally you may want to prepare an old mattress in case you feel unwell and pass out.

For information the placenta is in the (double) yellow bag with the rather worrying sign on it saying "danger bio-hazard"!

This is the real deal no joke.

Time for bed

Trying to put baby James to sleep is not easy at all.

When he wants to sleep, he can sleep through anything but if he does not want to sleep he will not.

Baby James was clearly in a mood to play and we were expecting a rather late night.

Trip to Singapore started badly

We had too much luggage to carry around and at the same time help Hazel.

We requested a wheelchair in the car park which never arrived despite many calls back. To make matter worse in the airport the same thing took place no wheelchair showed up despite the airlines calling them.

Finally I had to go and complain directly to the manager in charge upstairs who promptly corrected the situation and came along to help us carry our luggage.

James is resting on the sofa

Little James liked the sofa downstairs very likely because it is less hot than upstairs. Still we had the doors open or the fan turned on.

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