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Meeting baby James

Our friends from the NCT were very pleased to finally meet our little baby James (after one year).

They were all impressed by how cute and clever he is.

Pass the parcel

At the party the kids played a game called "pass the parcel" whereby kids sit in circle passing a parcel until the music stops.

Then when the music stops the kids who have a parcel open it and find a little present they can keep and play with.

Baby James exploring the pink tunnel

This week-end we went to a party organized by our friends from the NCT group (for their baby's birthday).

Baby James had a great time exploring a great toy tunnel made of fold away parts: Very large deployed but smallish packed up.

Burying the placenta - Step four

So now put the plant on top of the placenta in the hole. Be careful not to squash the placenta, you never know what would come out of this thing if you squashed it (blood on your face?).

Put a little earth around the base of the plant and the gaps, wet the earth around the plant so that it get a nice start in life. Yes you made it to the end, you are really brave!

Congratulations, you can now have a glass of your favourite whisky.

Burying the placenta - Step three

And here it comes step three, you all waited for it. Take the placenta out of the bag.

I recommend wearing gloves if you don't like slimy sticky liquid touching your hands. For the weak of heart try a face mask or ask a friend to take over from here. Yes this is pretty gross.

Another option take the back up side down after carefully opening the two bags so it falls nicely in the hole without splashing you. Make sure to hold on to two bags so.

Not very pretty: I have heard that some people eat it with pasta serious see http://www.hip-chick-pregnancy-guide.com/placenta.html

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