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Hazel and baby James by the window

We had a little photo session by the window while the last sun light vanishes away.

Mammy practising burping

Burping babies is not as easy as it seems. For instance little James tends to move around a lot (He wants to explore the world).

Feeding time

Dear Hazel has a tough time having to feed little James. Baby James feeds very often and does not like to wait for his food.

Delighted mammy is back home with baby James

Mammy was very tired from the labour and birth.

Also the extended stay (one week) in hospital was very stressfull and not condusive to resting.

Mammy was therefore delighted to go home with baby James.

Hazel first go at changing James

Dad took responsibility for nappy changing while mammy was recovering from the long labour.

This was one of the first time mammy assisted in the nappy changing process.

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