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Trip to Singapore started badly

We had too much luggage to carry around and at the same time help Hazel.

We requested a wheelchair in the car park which never arrived despite many calls back. To make matter worse in the airport the same thing took place no wheelchair showed up despite the airlines calling them.

Finally I had to go and complain directly to the manager in charge upstairs who promptly corrected the situation and came along to help us carry our luggage.

The three amigos

The three amigos looked very proud in their lovely brightly coloured dresses at our cousins wedding last week in Singapore (Sam and Karen).

Hazel, Doris and baby James by the window

The proud photographer was very pleased to be invited in front of the camera to pose with baby James and his granny.

The Happy Family by the window

This one is a little posed nevertheless I think it works quite well. What do you think?

Hazel kissing baby James by the window

During our photo session Hazel could not resist kissing the lovely and angelic looking baby James.

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