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Baby James loves cakes

Baby James loves cakes or loves sugar we are not too sure yet. He got hold of a lovely cupcake and ate nearly all: some got stuck on his cute little face.

Playing pass the parcel

Baby James was not too sure what to do with the parcel and was a little puzzled by all the people around him.

Meeting baby James

Our friends from the NCT were very pleased to finally meet our little baby James (after one year).

They were all impressed by how cute and clever he is.

Pass the parcel

At the party the kids played a game called "pass the parcel" whereby kids sit in circle passing a parcel until the music stops.

Then when the music stops the kids who have a parcel open it and find a little present they can keep and play with.

Time for bed

Trying to put baby James to sleep is not easy at all.

When he wants to sleep, he can sleep through anything but if he does not want to sleep he will not.

Baby James was clearly in a mood to play and we were expecting a rather late night.

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