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Hazel at the Old Trafford Stadium Manchester
The Game is Starting
Japan Celebration Walk
Japanese Fans Celebrating
Old Trafford Main Entrance
Old Trafford Main Entrance Hazel and James

Hazel, James and I went up North last weekend to the Old Trafford football stadium in Manchester and saw Japan versus Egypt football quarter final of the 2012 Olympics.

It was very exciting as the stadium was full (over 70,000 fans) and the noise from the spectators was very loud. However the crowed was very well behaved (no holligans) and it was all very pleasant.

Japan took quickly control of the game and scored at the beginning, then Egypt lost 1 player and didn't really recover since sadly. The final score was 3 - 1 for Japan.

Star wars Lego R2D2 meet C3PO

15 minutes of work to build a somewhat lookalike R2D2 with very simple and basic Lego blocks.

James enjoy the toy for a few hours and eventually turn it to pieces with a big laugh.

After that James came back to me and asked to rebuilt his Lego R2D2. No need to tell you what movies we were watching this weekend!

Image of James, Yvan and Lyna watching Doctor Who

Have you seen zombies watching monsters before?

James, Lyna and Yvan were mesmerised by the laptop watching a DVD of Doctor Who (in English no French subtitles). Notice the jaw dropping and the large round eyes.

Image of our family eating French fries and roasted chicken at the fair

For lunch we went with my family to eat French fries and roasted chicken.

It is a classic at the fair. The fries are prepared by the restaurant from real potatoes (not that frozen stuff) and were excellent as was the chicken.

Simple and delicious.

Image of James on the bus at the fair ground

After the crash at the fishing duck attraction, James was recovering quickly going round and round on the bus. He went on it 3 times if remember well and enjoyed each turn.

We went with Pascal (my brother) and is wife Anne who kindly put us up for a few days while we were on our ways to my parents.

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